Liquid droplet ejection head, image forming apparatus and method for manufacturing liquid droplet ejection head



【課題】コストアップすることなく、共通電極の抵抗低減効果が大きい抵抗低減部を有する液滴吐出ヘッドを提供すること。 【解決手段】複数のノズル孔を有するノズル板と、 圧電素子を収納する凹部と液供給路とを有する第一の基板と、 前記ノズル孔と連通する複数の圧力室と振動板とを有する第二の基板と、 共通電極と個別電極と圧電体とを含み、前記振動板を介して形成される複数の圧電素子と、 を備える液滴吐出ヘッドであって、 前記第一の基板または前記第二の基板のいずれか一方又は両方に、前記共通電極又は前記共通電極に接続する共通配線の一部が露出し、かつ、前記複数の圧電素子の、少なくとも一部の複数の圧電素子にまたがる開口部が形成され、前記開口部には、前記共通電極または前記共通配線の一部に接続するように導電性ペーストが設けられる液滴吐出ヘッド。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid droplet ejection head including a resistance decreasing part having an excellent resistance decreasing effect of a common electrode without causing a cost increase.SOLUTION: The liquid droplet ejection head includes: a nozzle plate that has a plurality of nozzle holes; a first substrate that has a recess for accommodating a piezoelectric element, and a liquid supply path; a second substrate that has a plurality of pressure chambers communicating with the nozzle holes, and a vibrating plate; and a plurality of piezoelectric elements, each of which includes a common electrode, an individual electrode and a piezoelectric body, and is formed through the vibrating plate, wherein an opening from which a part of the common electrode or common wiring connected to the common electrode is exposed, and which extends over a plurality of piezoelectric elements being at least a part of the plurality of piezoelectric elements is formed on either the first substrate or the second substrate or both of them. A conductive paste is provided in the opening so as to be connected to a part of the common electrode or the common wiring.




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