X-ray analysis method and x-ray analysis apparatus


【課題】 X線分析方法及びX線分析装置に関し、参照孔を加工可能なサイズに保った状態において、高い分解能の試料イメージを得る。 【解決手段】 測定用窓部に配置した試料からのX線散乱強度を測定する工程と、参照孔からの参照光振幅を推定する工程と、前記X線散乱強度を推定した前記参照光振幅により補正して補正X線散乱強度を求める工程と、前記補正X線散乱強度をフーリエ逆変換して試料のイメージを再生する工程とを設ける。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an X-ray analysis method and an X-ray analysis apparatus which can obtain a sample image having a high resolution in a state in which a reference hole is kept in such a size that the reference hole can be processed.SOLUTION: The X-ray analysis method includes the steps of: measuring an X-ray scattering intensity from a sample arranged in a window portion for measurement; estimating the amplitude of reference light from a reference hole; correcting the X-ray scattering intensity by the estimated amplitude of the reference light and obtaining a corrected X-ray scattering intensity; and reproducing an image of the sample by performing inverse Fourier transformation of the corrected X-ray scattering intensity.




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