Seismic isolation/aseismic/tsunami-proof mechanism of nuclear power plant



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To establish aseismatic/Tsunami-proof safety with sufficiently safety factors against giant earthquakes of seismic intensity of 7 or more and giant Tsunami of wave height of 15 to 20 m and more in a nuclear power plant.SOLUTION: Seismic isolation mechanisms are installed to a reactor supporting structure and a turbine supporting structure arranged on the inside and outside of a reactor container, both the supporting structures are rigidly coupled with each other by coupling pipes pierced into a plurality of portions of a reactor container wall and an airtight state of the reactor container is formed by seismic isolation pipes to construct an integrally fluctuated seismic isolation base. Apparatuses and pipelines of a main steam system and a condensed water supply system between a reactor and a turbine are arranged on the seismic isolation base to reduce seismic force. A building in a yard is water-tight, wave-proof watertight gates are arranged in respective large openings, watertight gates are arranged in respective small gates and always closed, sucking/exhausting snorkels are arranged for emergency generators or the like to prevent Tsunami flood, the inside of the building is formed as water-tight sections, and electrical systems in the plant are double-protected to guarantee aseismatic/Tsunami-proof safety.
【課題】 原子力発電所において、震度7以上の巨大地震及び波峯高15〜20m以上の大津波に対し、充分な安全率を以って耐震・耐津波安全性を確立する。 【解決手段】 格納容器内外の原子炉支構とタービン支構に免震機構を付し、格納容器壁を複数個所貫通する結合管で両支構を剛結合且つ免震管で格納容器の気密を成して一体搖動の免震台版を構成し、原子炉〜タービン間の主蒸気系及び復水給水系の機器・管路を該免震台版上に配して地震力を軽減し、構内建屋を水密化し、大開口は耐波水密門扉を、小出入口は水密扉を配して常時閉鎖し、非常発電機等の吸排気用シュノーケルを配して津波浸水を防止し、建屋内部の水密区画化と併せ所内電気系統を二重防護し、耐震・耐津波安全性を保証可能とする。 【選択図】 図1




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