Thermal reaction of carbon compound and microwave



【目的】1、省エネで迅速に炭化物を得る基礎技術を提供すること。 2、炭素化合物とマイクロ波の熱反応を応用してなる熱反応体や炭素複合化合物の創造。 【構成】1、難燃剤を担持させた状態で炭化させ耐酸化性炭素を得て、その耐酸化性炭素を可燃性有機物質や難燃剤を担持した有機物質に、被覆してその炭素媒体にマイクロ波を照射吸収させ炭素の放射熱で連鎖的に焼成炭化させることを特徴とする炭化方法。 2、前記炭化法で得られた蓄熱した状態の炭素を表面被覆して連鎖的に、短時間で炭素化合物を得ることを特徴とする炭化方法。 3、炭素化合物とマイクロ波の調整からなる炭素熱反応を応用してなる炭素発熱体を暖房器具などや電子レンジクッキングなどに応用することを特徴とする炭素発熱体。 4、炭素と水ガラスなどの液状無機物を混合してマイクロ波を照射してなる複合発泡体。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a basic technology for rapidly obtaining carbides in an energy saving manner, and to create a thermal reaction product or a carbon composite compound by utilizing a thermal reaction of a carbon compound and a microwave.SOLUTION: (1) A carbonization method is characterized by obtaining an oxidation resistant carbon by carbonizing particles of an organic substance in such a state that the particles support a flame retarder, then coating an organic substance supporting a combustible organic substance or a flame retarder with the obtained oxidation resistant carbon, and irradiating the resulting carbon medium with a microwave to make the medium absorb the microwave and to fire and carbonize the carbon medium in a chain reaction by the radiation heat of carbon. (2) A carbonization method is characterized by obtaining a carbon compound in a short time and in a chain reaction by coating the surface of a carbon with the carbon in a heat-storing state, that is obtained in the carbonization method. (3) A carbon heating element is obtained by applying a carbon thermal reaction by the regulation of the carbon compound and a microwave, and is applied to home heaters, cooking using electronic oven or the like. (4) A composite foamed body is obtained by mixing the carbon and a liquid inorganic substance such as water glass and irradiating the mixture with a microwave.




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