Television receiver



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an antenna integrated television receiver which can achieve excellent and always stable television reception even in an environment with irregular reflection in a building or a room.SOLUTION: A television receiver comprises: two or more horizontal polarization antennae which are fixed to a chassis body and receives polarized waves in the horizontal direction; a vertical polarization antenna which is fixed to the chassis body and receives polarized waves in the vertical direction; a composition part which performs phase adjustment to synchronize carrier phase of three or more signals received by the two or more horizontal polarization antennae and the vertical polarization antenna, and performs weighting of these signals to compose them; and a demodulation part which demodulates the signal composed by the composition part. The two or more horizontal polarization antenna are arranged to be in complementary relation with each other in terms of directional radiation pattern, and thereby vertical polarization waves, horizontal polarization waves, and incoming waves from any direction on the horizontal surface are utilized to compose them. Signal-to-noise ratio of input signals can be actively improved so that television reception becomes better and stabilized.
【課題】屋内・室内の乱反射環境でも良好で常に安定したテレビ視聴が行えるアンテナ一体型のテレビ受信装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】シャーシ本体に取り付けられた水平方向の偏波を受信する2つ以上の水平偏波用アンテナと、シャーシ本体に取り付けられた垂直方向の偏波を受信する垂直偏波用アンテナと、2つ以上の水平偏波用アンテナと垂直偏波用アンテナが受信した3つ以上の信号を搬送波位相が重なるように位相調整し重み付けを行って合成する合成部と、合成部が合成した信号を復調する復調部を備え、2つ以上の水平偏波用アンテナは互いに指向性放射パターンが補完関係になるように配置されていることにより、垂直偏波および水平偏波、水平面のいずれの方向からの到来波も利用し合成活用することで、受信信号の信号対雑音比を積極的に高めることができ、より良好で安定したテレビ視聴を行える。 【選択図】図1




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