Method for packaging annular member



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for packaging an annular member capable of easily packaging the annular member while being light in weight, easily taking out the annular member without damaging it, enabling a packaging member to be re-used without becoming dust as found in a conventional method and exhibiting a friendly relation with an environment.SOLUTION: A sealing segment at one end of a packaging member is opened by using long bag-like packaging members which are open at both side ends in a longitudinal direction and sealable detachably at one end in a short length direction, and an annular member is inserted into the packaging members, the annular member is packaged with one side piece of the packaging member and the other side piece, one end of the one packaging member and the other end of the other packaging member are aligned to each other, so that they are sealed at ends and openings at both side ends of the packaging members are overlapped to each other.
【課題】環状部材を軽量で簡単に梱包することができ、環状部材に傷をつけることなく、容易に環状部材を取り出しでき、従来のように梱包部材がゴミとなることもなく、再利用可能で環境に優しい環状部材の梱包方法を提供する。 【解決手段】長手方向の両側端が開口するとともに、短手方向の一端で脱着自在に封止可能な長尺状の袋状の梱包部材を用いて、梱包部材の一端の封止部を開いて、環状部材を梱包部材中に挿着するとともに、梱包部材の一方の側片と、他方の側片とで、環状部材を被包するようにして、一端を合わせて、一端で封止し、梱包部材の両側端の開口部を重ね合わせる。 【選択図】図4




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