Glass film containing rare-earth-ion-doped Cs2LiLaBr6 microcrystalline and preparation method thereof



A disclosed glass film containing rare-earth-ion-doped Cs2LiLaBr6 microcrystalline is characterized in that the glass film comprises the following compositions in percent by mole: 64 mol% of germanium dioxide, 16-20 mol% of titanium dioxide, 4-7 mol% of niobium pentoxide, 8-12 mol% of Cs2LiLaBr6, and 1-4 mol% of a rare-earth bromide, wherein the rare-earth bromide is one of cerium bromide, europium bromide and terbium bromide. The advantages comprise that a sol-gel technology is a low-temperature wet-chemical-process glass preparation technology, the glass is obtained through hydrolysis of a precursor raw material and a polymerization chemical reaction process, the film material can be prepared under a certain liquid viscosity condition, and the low-temperature synthesis condition is capable of effectively preventing the bromide raw material from being decomposed and volatilized; and because of volatilization and decomposition of the solvent, certain micropores are generated in the glass prepared through the sol-gel method, and the micropores provide good environment for generation of nanometer bromide microcrystalline, and thus crystallized-particle nonuniformity and glass devitrification caused by incomplete uniformity of melt-glass chemical compositions and crystallization processing temperature are overcome to a certain degree.




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