Glass cleaning rod of agricultural machine



The invention discloses a glass cleaning rod of an agricultural machine. The glass cleaning rod comprises a rod body, wherein a windshield wiper brush is arranged at the front end of the rod body and is fixed to the rod body through a movable universal joint, a cylindrical container is arranged inside the rod body, a soft pipe is arranged on the container and is connected to the windshield wiper brush, and a button for controlling water output amount is arranged at the tail end of the rod body. A worker controls the button to perform water discharging for cleaning according to the actual demand by arranging the container for storing cleaning water in the rod body, then can conveniently facilitate operation and cleaning of the windshield wiper brush through the arranged movable universal joint and can control the length of the rod body through an arranged expansion joint, and people can more conveniently clean glass of different heights. The glass cleaning rod is simple in structure and convenient to operate and improves the cleaning efficiency.




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