Processing method for stearate wastewater



The invention discloses a processing method for stearate wastewater, and belongs to the technical field of wastewater processing. The stearate wastewater comprises zinc stearate wastewater and barium stearate wastewater. The concrete processing method for stearate wastewater comprises adjusting the pH value of zinc stearate wastewater to generate precipitate by employing ammonia water, and adding the adjusted zinc stearate wastewater with the amount being 1.5-2 times by volume of barium stearate wastewater into a barium stearte wastewater pool for combined processing. The uniformly-mixing time is 30 min, and finally the production wastewater, in other words, a transparent mixed solution only containing sodium chloride and sodium sulfate is obtained. By performing combination processing on zinc stearate and barium stearate wastewater, the barium stearate wastewater discharge problem is solved, the whole operation flow is simple, employed equipment is simple, and when environment is protected, the processing method possesses obvious economic benefit and environment benefit.




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